Office of Chief Electoral Officer - Uttar Pradesh



Conduct Of Elections

S.No Circulars
1 Regarding allotment of common symbol for registered unrecognised political parties
2 Filing of Affidavit in Form-26 appended to the Conduct of Election Rules,1961
3 Filing Of Nomination Paper Regarding
4 Printing of photograph of candidate on Ballot Paper
5 Regarding allotment of common symbols to candidates of registered unrecognised political parties.
6 Restriction on number of vehicles and people at the time of Nomination.
7 Strict identification of Female voters wearing Burkha
8 Important Instructions/Guidelines on conduct of mock polls.
9 Important Instructions/Guidelines on conduct of mock polls.
10 Carrying of Mobile Phone by RO/ARO inside the counting Hall.
11 Counting of Votes regarding.
12 Clarification on appointment of additional Election Agents
13 Regarding Counting of VVPAT Paper Slips.
14 Regarding counting of VVPAT slips:Non deletion of mock poll data from the Control Unit or non-removal of mock poll data from C.U or non-removcal of mock poll slips from VVPAT-counting of votes thereof and mismatch in Mandatory verification process.

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