Office of Chief Electoral Officer - Uttar Pradesh



Important Instructions

S.No Important Instructions
1 Making election campaign eco friendly-Consolidated instructions-reg.
2 Manual on Force Deployment, 2023 & Manual on Vulnerability Mapping, Edition, 2023-regarding
3 Regaring Raationalization of Polling Stations
4 Commission's Main Notifications dated 15.05.2023 for National, State Political Parties and their reserved symbols and addresses & List of Political Parties- regarding.
5 Requisition of vehicles, premises etc. during counduct of election to Lok Sabha, Legislative Assemblies, Legislative Councils, election to president of India and Vice-President of India and Bye Elections
6 Deployment of Forces Randomization of Police Personnel- Role of Special/General/Police Observer in deployment Plan in State/District-Regarding.04-03-2021
7 Scrutiny of Nominations by Returning Officers
8 Baseline Survey Tender
9 List of disqualified Persons 10-A of the Representation of the People Act,1951
10 Instruction_on_Storage_and_Safety_Arrangement_of_EVM_VVPAT_Regarding
11 Instructions on Additional Transparency Feature For Symbol Loading Unit for Uploading Symbols in VVPATs Regarding
12 Introducing of additional Transparency Feature in Symbol Loading Process for VVPATs reg
13 Poll Day Report From Presiding officers on EVMs and VVPATs Regarding
14 Seeking Permission of Election Petition Sealed EVMs & VVPATs From Existing godowns due to heavy rainfall egarding
15 Strengtheing of Sealing Precessing of EVMs Regarding
16 District Election Management Plan
17 Publication of Criminal antecedents by contesting candidates and political parties-hon`ble Supreme Court order dated 10-08-2021 in contempt petition(C) No 656 of 2020titled Brajesh sing Vs Sunil Arora&Ors regarding.
18 जनपद स्तर पर तैनात आयकर अधिकारिओं की सूची प्रेषण के सम्बन्ध में(विधान सभा सामान्य निर्वाचन -2022 )
19 विमान /हेलीकाप्टर के पार्किंग प्रभार की दरों के लेखांकन के संबंध में (विधान सभा सामान्य निर्वाचन -2022)
20 निर्वाचन कानूनों और नियमों में संशोधन के संबंध में आयोग के दिशा—निर्देश।
21 Schedule for de-novo preparation of electoral rolls with ref to 1.11.2022 as qualifying date in respect of certain Graduates'and Teachers'Constituencies of state Legislative Council

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